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Modern Tent offers a tent-kit solution which consists of a portable flat form, custom frame and a beautiful tent shelter that can be used anywhere outdoors, at camp sites, mountains, icing snow, sand beach, or even on sand dunes... comfortable for families and friends to experience the great outdoors and away from uncomfortable or uneven ground conditions, wetness, heavy wind conditions, bugs and all natures little pests. Take your camping to a whole new level!.. 

Play, Camp, Explore...

Modern Tent - M1 

11'L x 7.3'W x 7'H Modern Tent M1 Maple Leaf Wall Tent, Great for Hunters, Hikers and Campers exploring the Outdoors.

Modern Tent - MF1

Modern Tent MF1 11'L x 14.6'W x 7'H Freeform Cabin Wall Tent w/Skylight Top, Great for groups of Campers or Family on a weekend Camping trips.

Modern Tent - MF

11'L x 7.3'W x 7'H Modern Tent MF USA Football Wall Tent, Great for the Sport Outfitter, Camping, Fishing and Hiking.

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What Is Modern Tent?

Modern Tents is the ideal way for campers to get the most out of their experience in nature. Whether you are in the blistering cold or out in the woods, Modern Tents by Express Wire EDM & Waterjet is your best solution. Not only are they proven to be strong & durable, but they are comfortable, appealing, and easy to set up. These Tents are portable and can withstand some of natures toughest storms & habitats. They can house 4 full-size adults comfortably and are made from some of the most human-friendly fabrics & materials known to Man. They are great for use in virtually any environment and are dependable in strong winds, heavy rain, and uneven cold, wet, or muddy ground. These tents also come with Nets that keep Insects (both crawlers & fliers) out of your way.

What Make Modern Tents So Unique?: The base, frame, & shelter of these tents can be put together without the use of pegs, robes, or any kind of tool. The base frame is made from custom aluminum flat bars that connected together by plastic sliding plates. The flat form is created by separate custom foam PVC sheets that easily snap in the base. The tent frame is made from durable aluminum tubes that are integrated together by special aluminum cornered plates giving the tent a sturdy foundation. With some tent models, you can join them together to make a big family-sized portable shelter for larger groups. All components of the tent are designed in modules and are interlocked to ensure easy assembly. The shelter is made of 11 OZ Cotton, 400D Canvas, and Anti UV & Mildew to deter unhealthy rays and prevent bacteria. The shelter also includes Breathable, Ripstop fabric that is both Water & Fire-proof. The tents come with well-known YKK Zippers that are durable, smooth, & soft. Each standard shelter is designed with a front & back door and side windows with Mosquitoes net and skylight to guarantee full ventilation & light. The standard base of the tent is 7 feet x 11 feet x 3 inch and features of a wall. Modern Tents come with uncountable advantages that are designed with inspiration to relieve people from the stresses, hassles & inconveniences of camping with traditional tents when exploring the great outdoors.

*Always make sure the tent is dry before storage*

Tent Features:

  • Heavy-Duty 11oz 400D Tent Canvas Shell
  • Anti UV WeatherTec Water Proof - Guaranteed
  • Great in Hard Weather Conditions
  • Set-Up or Take-Down in Minutes
  • Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Snap-in-Fit Floor (PVC Portable Foam Sheet)

Available for

  • Outfitter
  • Family Recreation
  • Backpackers
  • Expedition and Explorers
  • Campers
  • Shelters & Screen Houses