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The idea for SMITTYSLEDPRO grew from an ice-fishing trip in Ontario, Canada. We had a good time, catching yellow perch and white fish. I could see ice-fishing was a great way to leave the stresses and strains of everyday life. And thanks to our flip-over ice shanty, we stayed pretty warm, and it was easy to set-up quickly, when moving from one spot to another. However, it was heavy to pull! I mean, it was not too bad in the morning, but by the end of the day, when there was more snow, and the wind got stronger and we were more than a little tired, pulling that heavy ice-sled became a nightmare.

"My passion is inventing, innovating, and solving product problems especially in the sports gear industry. " - Our President and CEO, Vinh Nguyen.


*** SMITTYSLEDPRO will be available Fall, 2015. ***

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SMITTYSLEDPRO is a light-weight, high-strength detachable sled carrier, built to last a life-time. To be pulled by hand or machine. Recommended for hauling ice-fishing or winter camping gear and equipment, supplies, well-paying clients, and family fun!


  • 1.25" 6061-T6 aluminum square tube frame construction with excellent durability, as well as high corrosion and stress resistance to survive year after year.
  • UHMW polymer high-impact, low-maintenance extruded skis for reducing suction, and channelling slush away from runners, creating a smooth glide over ice and snow.
  • 10" raised base for clearing ice chunks, eliminating snow ploughing, and keeping your gear dry.
  • All welded construction with heavy-duty EZ Lock-Pins to hold the frame together in the toughest conditions.
  • Adjustable to fit with most tub sleds and flip over shanties such as Clam, Frabill, Eskimo, and Otter. Assembly and disassembly in minutes, collapsing to easily store and transport.
  • Includes pull-ropes for manoeuvring along the trail or across the ice.
  • Optional SMITTYSLEDPRO Quick-Connect Split-Arm Tow Bar allows for towing with snowmobile, atv, etc.


  • Length: 69" (holds sled tubs up to 71" w/o overhang. For longer tubs, see the optional SMITTYSLEDPRO Extension Bracket).
  • Height: 16"
  • Width: variable beam 35" - 43" (overall width dependent on variable beam selected 32"-40")
  • Weight: 40 lbs. (dependent on beam size selected.)

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  • SMITTYSLEDPRO Quick-Connect Split-Arm Tow Bar installs with two pull-pins, and it equipped with a drop-pin hitch. Allows for towing with snowmobile, atv, etc. Steel construction.
  • SMITTYSLEDPRO Gear Organizer mounts to the SMITTYSLEDPRO with drop and EZ Lock-pins, allowing storage of 2 five-gallon pails, 8 fishing poles, and an auger, keeping your mess 'outside', and freeing up your tub for seating.
  • SMITTYSLEDPRO Extension Bracket seamlessly attaches to the back of the SMITTYSLEDPRO, adding 19" of length to support larger sled tubs up to 90". Can be used in conjunction with SMITTYSLEDPRO Gear Organizer.
  • SMITTYSLEDPRO Beam Set in widths to accommodate most manufacturers tub sleds. Three-piece aluminum set. Stipulate size.
  • SMITTYSLEDPRO Wheel Set is an easy install, Pin-Lock swivel wheel kit for manoeuvring on hard surfaces.


The SMITTYSLEDPRO is more than just a pretty light-weight, aircraft-grade aluminium base with optional steel split-tow bar. It just as importantly has ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) skate-skies. The molecular chains of this material transfer load extremely effectively to the polymer's backbone, resulting in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. UHMWPE is also nontoxic, has an extremely low moisture absorption rate i.e. won't get heavy, and a very low coefficient of friction, comparable to that of Teflon. On top of all that, this polymer is self-lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion. Thanks science!

"The SMITTYSLEDPRO features amazing skis that will glide over snow like a hot knife on butter. " - Our President and CEO, Vinh Nguyen.


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Vinh Nguyen, Founder of SMITTYSLEDPRO, has a life-long passion for inventing, innovating and solving product problems. After graduating with a Physics degree in his native Vietnam, Vinh came to Canada with his wife, and eventually opened his own tool and die shop, Express Wire EDM & Waterjet Inc. It was a trip to Lake Simcoe, to experience the challenge of 'hardwater' fishing that pushed Vinh to begin researching, building and testing ice sleds. The results are Vinh's version of the indomitable ice-fishing and winter sled, SMITTYSLEDPRO.


Vinh Nguyen, Founder , CEO
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Jason Glasbergen, Social + PR Manager
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Enjoy Ice Fishing more and no more worrying about pulling heavy sled full of gear!" -Our President and CEO, Vinh Nguyen